1. EBA’s financial independence since its inception (1979) 
  2. The strong belief of EBA’s Board of Directors in keeping the track and to following the fundamentals and the principles that have been set by the founders
  3. EBA’ effective acknowledgement and strong network with the governmental official
  4. The ability of  EBA to gain trust from the governmental authorities and EBA's stakeholders


  1. Joining a society of Think Tanks capable of developing an integrated strategy for all sectors of the Egyptian economy
  2. Backed by 40 years of experience in business, EBA offers “High Quality Services”.
  3. Lobbying: Being a member in a reputable and trusted pressure group, EBA is discussing all problems facing the business community and preparing working papers and recommendations to be raised to the relevant authorities 
  4. Advocacy: To be close to the decision makers, EBA is a permanent member in many governmental/ parliamentary committees discussing new laws and regulations 
  5. Face to face communication channels with officials and Egyptian and foreign organizations and business community
  6. Strong network with governmental authorities, embassies and commercial offices in Egypt and abroad
  7. Networking with more than 1000 companies in EBA working in different fields, You will be exposed to different points of views
  8. International network with more than (75) countries covering the globe
  9. Tackling Economic issues which have impact on Business through 15 sectoral Committees 
  10. Explore new markets using EBA's experience and network, EBA is always keen to open traditional as well as non traditional markets for its member’s products and services through organizing Business Delegations to various parts of the globe.
  11. Distributing hundreds of business and investment opportunities per year
  12. B2B (foreign companies at your fingerprints), EBA gives its members the chance to meet new clients, as we invite business missions from all over the globe to visit EBA and hold b2b meetings with them
  13. Free accessibility to reports, EBA through its wide network of stakeholders is circulating periodically among its members different market studies prepared by our commercial offices abroad
  14. Direct relation and networking opportunity with foreign embassies in Egypt. 
  15. Express yourself freely through EBA Channels: EBA YouTube Channel, Electronic Newsletter, Facebook page
  16. WhatsApp Platform: being a permanent member in a platform that includes more than 40 associations around the globe, enables us to publish and receive business opportunities as well as exchange know how and best practices with partner organizations.
  17. Transfer of knowledge between the generations
  18. Data Bank: access to one of the most credible and updated business databases.
  19. Fully automated: EBA is always keen to acquire the most updated computer systems and software, in order to guarantee optimum service provision for its members.
  20. Providing S/W and H/W consultations to EBA members
  21. Troubleshooting technical problems facing EBA Members

EBA Contacts

Address: 21 Giza St., Nile Tower, Giza, Egypt

Tel: + (202) 3572 3020 / + (202) 3573 6030

Mob: 010 0538 4604 / 010 0538 4605

E-mail: eba@eba.org.eg

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