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Egyptian Businessmen’s Association


Historical Backgraound

EBA was founded in 1975 and ratified in 1979 under the law 32/1964. EBA is a non-governmental, non-for-profit organization that seeks to unify the efforts of private Egyptian interests in contributing to the productivity and efficient national economic and social development of Egypt.
When established in the early seventies, the Egyptian Businessmen's Association mission was to unify the efforts of the Egyptian private sector in order to protect its interests, promote its products and enhance its productivity and efficiency in a more liberal and democratic environment. Yet, working within the frame of national economic and social development of Egypt. At that time the Egyptian economy was a central planned economy, the Egyptian Businessmen’s Association, in order to carry out these duties, had to be in the first place a lobbying power on behalf of the Egyptian business community to protect its interests and enhance the private sector existence. Presently, the Egyptian economy does not act under planned forces but rather under the free market forces. With all these privatization programs and the growing private sector share in the GDP together with the globalization process, the Egyptian private sector needs to prove itself locally, as well as, internationally. Accordingly, the Egyptian Businessmen’s Association has modified its activities to satisfy the new needs of the Egyptian business community, as a service provider and a catalyst facilitator as well as a lobbying power.

Main Activities

Within the framework of its objectives, EBA manages a set of activities including:-

  1. Organizing Professional Conferences, Seminars and Workshops EBA regularly organizes awareness seminars to introduce its members to the most advanced business techniques and concepts, in addition to preparing workshops in sectors of members concerns. And also, participating in local /international conferences.
  2. Organizing Round Tables In which, we invite high profile guest speakers from both political and business spheres, in an attempt to provide a space for members to connect around shared identity and relatedness.
  3. Hosting Incoming Delegations EBA through its wide international network receives business/ trade delegations from different countries around the globe throughout the year.
  4. Business Match Making Pre arranged one-on-one business meetings are regularly organized for our members with their counterparts using the most sophisticated tailor made match making program to ensure providing the right counterpart, hence, guaranteeing the most effective results and outcomes.
  5. Dispatching Business Missions EBA organizes several business missions all around the year to potential countries, these missions provide an excellent networking chance and an opportunity to promote the mission members businesses.
  6. Hosting International Days To strengthen the economic and business relations with foreign countries.
  7. Building Databases and Web Sites on the Internet Including all the members activities, investment and business opportunities, and trade fairs.
  8. Issuing Publications and Reports To reflect and spread EBA's mission and activities among the business community at large, in addition to highlighting and analysing the economic indicators in Egypt.
  9. Distributing Periodical Mail Shots Including economic reports, investment and trade opportunities, trade fairs, in addition to available training and financing programs.
  10. Organizing Training Courses and Programs To enhance the overall performance of enterprises and introduce new methods and techniques to the business Community.
  11. Preparing Studies, Researches and Working Papers To identify new tools of business used in enhancing the economy, and to discuss all issues related to the business community.
  12. Organizing Trade Fairs Organizing and participating in trade fairs in Egypt and Abroad

EBA Contacts

Address: 21 Giza St., Nile Tower, Giza, Egypt

Tel: + (202) 3572 3020 / + (202) 3573 6030

Mob: 010 0538 4604 / 010 0538 4605

E-mail: eba@eba.org.eg

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