What are The main Activities offered by the International Relations Department ?

  1. Receiving Incoming Delegations


  2. Business Missions Abroad
  3. Seminars and Conferences
  4. International Days
  5. Roundtables meetings
  6. Business Opportunities (Export, Imports, investments, tenders, fairs and exhibitions, reports and market studies)
  7. EBA is a cofounder in the Federation of Arab Businessmen

What is meant by Business Councils ?

The joint Council is a non-governmental consultative body designed to render assistance in the establishment of direct business relations between the Foreign and Egyptian organizations, firms and entrepreneurs and in the implementation of the agreed between them forms and areas of development of the trade and economic cooperation

What are the business councils under EBA’s umbrella?

Click on (About us) then (Business councils)

I am EBA member, am I eligible to attend all International Events organized by EBA?

EBA members are allowed to attend all EBA International Events inside and outside Egypt

I am non EBA member, Can I attend International Events organized by EBA ?

Some events are exclusive for EBA members, and the others are open to A LIMITED number of non members and attendance is only allowed by invitations

Are all meetings for free ?

For EBA members: some meetings are for free, and the others are not.

For non EBA members: all meetings are with fees.

EBA members enjoy special rates in all events organized by EBA

I need to open business links with companies in certain countries, how can EBA help me?

This service is provided for EBA members only, EBA has a world wide network, and its members enjoy a high reputation, which enable our counterparts all over the world, our embassies abroad, foreign embassies in Egypt provide us with the right reputable partner.

There are business opportunities forms (Export, import, investment) to be filled by the member and we will take care of the rest

How can I get to know EBA International Events?

EBA members receive invitations by Email, and our international relations department follow up later on the calendar on Home Page

For non EBA members, Kindly visit check our Home Page we update our events on the website daily

What is the dress code for the events?

Please wear business attire

What is the Federation of Arab Businessmen?

The Egyptian Businessmen’s Association (EBA) in coordination with the Jordanian Businessmen’s Association, are considered the main founders of the Arab Federation of Businessmen (FAB). The FAB  has been now operating since 1997  under the umbrella of the Council of Arab Economic Unity in the Arab League. This Federation has played a remarkable, positive role in supporting and reinforcing trade and investment relations among Arab private sectors, which is considered the core of the Common Arab Market.

The Federation of Arab Businessmen includes 14 Arab countries in its membership namely:  Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Yemen, Morocco, Sudan, Algeria, Libya and Syria. The Federation holds an annual conference in one of the Arab countries

Name some of the main Foreign guests that EBA had the honor to receive during the past ten years

Heads of states:

·        Brazil

·        Romania

·        South Korea

·        Singapore

·        Ghana

·        Ukraine



HSH.Radu, Prince of Hohenzollern-Veringen

H.E.Shiekha Hessa El Sabbah


Prime Ministers:

·        Romania

·        Czech Republic

·        Benin

·        Lebanon



·        British Minister of Trade

·        Saudi Minister of Trade

·        Iraqi Minister of Trade

·        Kenyan Minister of Trade

·        Turkish Minister of Trade 

·        Cypriot Minister of Trade, Industry, and Tourism

·        Rwandan Minister of International  Cooperation

·        Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs

·        Georgian Minister of Finance

·        Serbian Minister of International Economic relations

·        Armenian Minister of Trade and Development

·        Singaporean Minister of Trade

·        H.E. Mr.Iuliu Winkler Romanian Minister of Trade and Economy Romanian Minister Delegate for Commerce.


EBA holds meetings with Ambassadors, and commercial counsellors from embassies all over the world

EBA Contacts

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